Level Up: Python User-Defined Functions in Snowpark

The Level Up 300 series of modules introduces you to the world of Snowpark for Python and Streamlit. Explore key Snowflake resources, engage in self-study with guiding questions, and solidify your knowledge through assessments.

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Level Up: Python User-Defined Functions in Snowpark

Level Up - Apps & Dev Series

Fundamentals of Python UDFs in Snowflake's Snowpark

Welcome to the introductory module on Python User-Defined Functions (UDFs) in Snowflake's Snowpark. This course is designed to provide an introduction to the concept and application of Python UDFs in data processing. Ideal for Python beginners, data enthusiasts, or those new to Snowpark, you'll discover how Python UDFs simplify and enhance data manipulation tasks. By the end of this introductory course, you'll have a solid foundation in leveraging Python UDFs for effective data processing, setting the stage for more advanced studies in data analytics and engineering.


  • A basic understanding of the Python programming language.
  • Introductory familiarity with Snowflake's data platform.

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