Data Engineer

This 3-day role specific course covers the Snowflake key concepts, features, considerations, and best practices intended for key stakeholders who will be accessing, developing, querying datasets for analytic tasks and building data pipelines in Snowflake. These stakeholders often are in the role of database application developer and data engineer. This course will consist of lectures, demos, labs, and discussions.

Data Engineer


This two-day, role-specific course presents additional topics and a deep dive into select subjects for the Data Engineer through the lens of the data engineering lifecycle. The course covers Snowflake concepts, features, considerations, and best practices intended for stakeholders who will be accessing, developing, and querying datasets for analytic tasks, and building data pipelines in Snowflake. 

Private delivery for up to 15 students is available.
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Review the COURSE DATASHEET to learn about:

  • Overview of Topic
  • Course Objectives
  • Who Should Attend
  • Prerequisites

  Setup Requirements

  • to bring a laptop
  • a Snowflake compatible browser (see options HERE)

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